vbsEach summer, in the month of June, more than half of our church family work together to create a Bible time marketplace for the children of our church and our community. Every year we "visit" a different location from Bible times to learn stories from the Bible about God and His love for us, His people. We have been to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Galilee, Athens, Egypt, the Wilderness and more.

The children are divided into twelve tribes or families. They travel with their tribe to learn through drama, singing, storytelling and crafts all centering on the Holy land theme. A large marketplace is constructed on the back of the church property. Children are "dressed up" in Bible time's costume and travel through the marketplace and different learning centers interacting with various church members dressed up and in character, making the Bible stories come to life. If you would like to join our Holy land adventure this year, please contact Jenny or Bryan Plumlee, Kari or Mike Priborsky, Kim Owsley or Sarah Blagg,

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